Gorilla Insulated Skirting

Materials Calculator for Complete Kits

Gorilla Thermal Insulated Skirting products are custom ordered and include 36" and/or 48" high x 47" wide panels, Rails, Hardware and accessories. Follow the simple steps below to determine exactly what you'll need to order.

A. Linear Feet Measurement

  1. Measure the total linear feet of your home (aka: running feet around the home). If you don't already know this figure, measure both lengths and widths of the home and add them together (e.g. 14' x 70' = 168 Linear Feet). Don't forget to add additional measurements to your total such as decks, stairs or pop outs. To be safe, it never hurts to add a few additional linear feet to your total. You don't want to be short!
  2. Take your total linear feet and multiple it by 12 (inches). That result should be divided by 47 (inches the panel coversin length) and this result is the required number of panels you need for your project. For example: 168 Linear Feet x 12 = 2,016 / 47 = 43 panels (always round up).

B. Panel Height Measurement

Once you know how many panels your home requires, you'll choose the appropriate panel height (36" or 48") by measuring the set height of your home. To do so:

  1. If your home is on LEVEL GROUND throughout, measure the distance between the ground or slab and the bottom of the home. Using this measurement, you can determine if 36" or 48" tall panels* will work best for your project.
  2. If your home is set on UN-LEVEL GROUND, you need to measure every 47" left-to-right and determine if the 36" or 48" panel will fit that section. This will be the case going around the entire home. Top Back, Top Front & Bottom Rails are 12' long. You can simply take your total linear feet and divide by 12 to determine how many rails you need for your project. For example: 192 / 12 = 16 Top Back, 16 Top Front & 16 Bottom Rails. You will also need a Hardware Kit for installing these rails.

*Panels can be cut and utilized for smaller set heights. For example, if your home is set 24" off the ground, you can use one 48" panel and cut it in half. These cut panels will now cover 120" or 10 linear feet.

Other accessories to consider are Automatic Vents for airflow under the home and Access Doors.