Gorilla Insulated Panel 48" high x 47" wide

Gorilla Insulated Panel 48" high x 47" wide
    Panels are conveniently 48" high x 47" wide.
    • Create a traditional foundation appearance with Gorilla Insulated Skirting.
    • Available in three colors - White, Silver Grey and Desert Sand with matching rail kit colors.
    • Vinyl panels are clad over with two inch thick, one pound dense EPS Foam creating an R-value of 9.
    • Panels can be easily cut down to accommodate smaller heights (e.g. Cut off 6" to use 42" of the panel).
    • Panels interlock for easy installation and in most cases do not require additional framework for support.
    • Vents are recommended to create airflow under your home and to abide by county ventilation codes.
    • Lead time is typically one to two weeks.
    • Minimum order is 10 Panels.

    Price: $68.00

    Code: GOR103

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