Shipping Questions

Q. How are your products shipped?

A. Most items available on SkirtingDirect.com are too large for small parcel shippers such as UPS Ground or Fed Ex and will be shipped via LTL (less than truckload) common carrier. Because of their size and length, the products are typically shipped on a semi-truck (18-wheeler).

Q. How much is shipping?

A. Shipping costs vary depending upon the product ordered and your location. You can determine your exact shipping cost prior to finalizing your order by clicking on the ESTIMATE SHIPPING button in your shopping cart.

Q. How can I track my order?

A. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with the name of the freight carrier and your tracking number that will allow you to track your order through the freight carrier’s website. We will also include the carrier’s phone number in your email. Often times you can schedule your delivery by calling the carrier.

Q. Do you ship to residential addresses?

A. Yes, our products can be shipped to residential addresses. However, larger products will be shipped via commercial carrier and the carrier must be able to access the delivery location with a semi-truck (18-wheeler).

Q. Do I have to be present when my order arrives?

A. Yes, you must be present to accept, inspect, unload and sign for the receipt of your order. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number. The freight carrier will then contact you to arrange a day and time for delivery. You can also call the carrier to schedule your delivery.

Q. Do I have to unload my order myself?

A. Yes, in order to keep your shipping cost as low as possible, it is your responsibility to unload the product and you must make appropriate arrangements to do so. If you request special delivery and/or unloading services from the freight carrier (e.g., driver unloading assistance, lift-gate usage, re-consignment, re-delivery, etc.), such additional services are not part of the shipping cost charged to you by SkirtingDirect.com. If you accept such additional services, you must pay for them at the time of delivery. If you do not pay for them at the time of delivery, you authorize us to charge you for the costs of these additional services.

Q. What if my order arrives damaged or missing items?

A. Our products are in good condition when they leave our factories. While every effort is made to get our products to you in perfect condition, the unfortunate reality is that occasionally shipments are damaged or lost in transit. When your order arrives, you should inspect all items for damage or shortages before signing the delivery receipt. If your order has been damaged or is missing items, you must note the damage or shortage on the delivery receipt, obtain an exception number from the truck driver and call 1-800-843-3336 to report the issue. We will take care of filing a claim with the freight company and we will arrange to provide you replacement product or credit. If you accept delivery and do not clearly note damage or shortages on the delivery receipt prior to the driver leaving, you will be responsible for any losses.

Q. Can I pick up my order from you factory?

A. Due to heavy daily shipping volumes, our factories do not allow customers to pick up orders. You may be able to arrange to pick up your product from the freight carrier’s shipping terminal closest to you, but each freight carrier’s policy differs in terms of allowing customer pickup at their freight terminals.

Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. You may cancel your order if we receive a cancellation request from you before the product has shipped. Once your order has shipped, we cannot cancel your order.

Q. When can I expect my order to arrive?

A.IMPORTANT. DUE TO MANUFACTURING AND SHIPPING DELAYS DUE TO COVID 19, SHIPPING TIMES MAY BE SUBSTNTIALLY LONGER THAN USUAL. Everlock Deluxe, EverRock, Gorilla and Thermal EverRock generally ship within 3 business days of our receipt of your order and generally take 7 to 10 business days for delivery. Most of our brick and stone products ship approximately 5 business days after you place your order. Certain colors of brick and stone products ship approximately 15 days after you place your order. The various estimated shipping dates for our brick and stone products are shown on the ordering page for each product, and please assume an estimated 5 to 8 additional days in transit from the date of shipment. Due to variables in transit times depending upon your location, we cannot guarantee any particular shipment arrival time.

Q. Do you ship to Canada? Mexico? Alaska? Hawaii? Internationally?

A. At this time we only ship to the continental United States. We cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada or any other international addresses.

Q. Why is shipping so expensive?

A. Most items available on SkirtingDirect.com are too large for small parcel shippers such as UPS Ground or Fed Ex and must be shipped via LTL (less than truckload) common carrier.

Q. How big are your shipments?

A. The largest product that we sell is Everlock Deluxe, which comes in panels that are 12 feet long and 16 inches wide. You can see the sizes of the various products on the individual product pages on SkirtingDirect.com.

Q. Can I unload my order myself?

A.While the boxes or pallets that our products are shipped on may be heavy, the skirting products may be unpackaged at delivery to allow unloading of a few pieces at a time.

Product and Ordering Questions

Q. How do I make sure the skirting matches the color of my home?

A. Because colors are displayed differently on different computer, tablet and phone displays, the only way to ensure that a skirting color matches your home is to order a sample. Samples consist of small pieces of the actual product. Samples of all of our skirting products are available at SkirtingDirect.com.

Q. Do I need ventilation? If so, how much?

A. A widely used rule of thumb is to provide one square foot of ventilation per 150 of crawl space area under your home. However, local zoning and code requirements vary by location and you should check your local codes to ensure compliance with your specific ventilation requirements. Compliance with all laws regarding installation or use of any items on this web site, including, but not limited to those in regard to ventilation, are solely the responsibility of the purchaser.

Q. Once skirting is installed, how do I access the bottom of my home?

A. We sell access doors and access door conversion kits to facilitate easy access to the area underneath your home after your skirting is installed.

Q. How do I determine how much skirting I need?

A. For most products sold on SkiringDirect.com, you can use our calculators to determine the amount of product you will need to purchase. In order to determine the amount of product you need, you will need the length and width of your home, plus the length and width of any decks, porches or other additions that you wish to skirt, as well as the average height of your home off the ground. We advise that you take several measurements around your home to determine the average height. If you have an unusual configuration or large variation in height of your home off the ground, just give us a call and we can help you calculate the amount of product that you will need.

Q. Can I use your skirting products on conventional homes?

A. Our products are designed for use as mobile home skirting, but many of our creative customers have found uses for them on conventional home projects.

Q. What is your most economical skirting option?

A. Our most inexpensive skirting product is our Everlock Deluxe vinyl skirting. While this is our most inexpensive skirting option, we do note that this is still a premium skirting product with a thickness of .040 inches.

Q. Are samples of your products available?

A. Yes, samples of most of our products are available for purchase at skirtingdirect.com. We highly recommend ordering a sample to ensure that the product meets your expectations, particularly with respect to color.

Q. Can I reuse the skirting if I move my home?

A. In some cases, portions of the skirting may be re-usable, but generally, the answer is no. Each mobile home setup is unique in terms of exact amount of skirting needed to accommodate the land upon which the home is set. It is also not uncommon that skirting is damaged when a home is moved.

Q. Is there a minimum amount of skirting I must purchase?

A. To minimize the possibility of damage during shipping, Thermal EverRock, Gorilla and EverRock orders must be at least ten panels. The minimum for Everlock Deluxe is 14 panels and preferably a full rail kit.

Q. Do you sell complete skirting kits?

A. Customers frequently ask if we sell skirting as a complete kit. We certainly sell all components of skirting needed to skirt your home, including panels, rails and hardware. But we do not have pre-packaged kits. Instead, we allow our customers to custom order the amount of skirting, rails and hardware needed for their home.

Q. Do your products hold up to weed whackers (string trimmers)?

A. Unfortunately, no vinyl skirting is able to withstand the awesome power of a weed whacker! Over time, weed whackers will damage any skirting product. We do sell a protective product called SkirtGuardTM, which adds an extra layer of protection along the bottom of your skirting to protect it from weed whackers and other landscape equipment. To reduce the chance of damage from landscape equipment, we suggest that you install landscape fabric or a similar product to prevent vegetation from growing up against your skirting.

Q. Why do you suggest ordering a few extra pieces of skirting?

A. We suggest ordering a few extra pieces to allow some margin of error in measurement and/or the installation process. Because of shipping costs, it is cost-prohibitive to order one or two pieces at a time. It is more economical to add a few extra pieces to your order than to have to place a second order for an extra piece or two.

Q. Do you have any discount coupons available?

A. Discount promotions, sales and coupons are occasionally available. You can be kept up to date on all our sales and promotions by subscribing to our newsletter. To subscribe, click the SIGN UP button at the lower left corner of our home page.

Q. Can I finance my payment?

A.We accept payment via PayPal for customers interested in financing their order. PayPal allows financing and information is available here.

Q. Can I split payment between two different credit cards?

A.Yes, but you must place your order by phone at 1-800-843-3336. Our website cannot currently accommodate orders split between two credit cards.

Installation Questions

Q. How do I install your skirting?

A. Our installation instructions are all available at https://www.skirtingdirect.com/page/cp-installation-instructions.html

Q. Do you install skirting?

A. We do not install skirting products. To locate an installer in your area, we recommend an internet search for mobile home installers or mobile home services in your area.

Q. Can I install this product myself?

A. Individuals experienced in the safe operation of a skill saw and with home improvement project experience can install our products. If you do not have such experience, we recommend finding a local installer to ensure a safe and appropriate installation.

Q. Do you sell framing materials?

A. We do not sell framing materials. Framing materials are widely available at your local home improvement and hardware stores.

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