Gorilla Insulated Rail Kit (includes hardware kit)

Gorilla Insulated Rail Kit (includes hardware kit)
    • New Gorilla Insulated Skirting Rail Kit is specifically manufactured for Gorilla Insulated Skirting and provides the best combination of easy installation and vital structural strength
    • Premium Gorilla Insulated Rails are 12' long and have perfect pocket depths to fit the wider Gorilla Insulated Panels
    • Covers 192 linear feet
    • Includes 16 Top Back Rails, 16 Top Front Rails, 16 Bottom Rails, 16 Couplers (covers for rail gaps), four Coupler Corners and Hardware Kit (100 Ground Spikes & 300 silver hex head screws)
    • Available in three colors: White, Silver Grey & Desert Sand.
    • The larger 2-piece top rail system is designed for positive performance in severe weather conditions
    • Hardware is included
    • Tough Vinyl Construction
    • Easy Care: Virtually indestructible and maintenance free. No worry about rust or corrosion of any type. Easily cleaned with soap and water
    • Colors shown may vary from actual product

    Price: $800.00

    Code: GOR401

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