Novik 6' Universal Two-Piece Trim

Novik 6' Universal Two-Piece Trim
    • Universal Trim is ideal for securing the bottom of the panels to the ground
    • Made of Polymer, which is the same material as the panels
    • Trim Color follows manufacturers suggested color match based on panel and corner color choices. In most cases, the trim will match the panel color. Exceptions are Old Red Blend Brick (uses Mountain Blend); Aspen, Smoke Gray and Moka Stacked Stone use Weathered Blend
    • Two-piece design allows adjustable pocket depth from 5/8" to 1 1/8"
    • Thicker and sturdier than standard J-channels

    This product will ship within ~5 business days after the order is received with the exception of Red Blend and Gray Blend. These two colors ship within 15 business days.

    Price: $20.00

    Code: JCHAN

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